This is the second week of 366 photography project of mine.

Besides uploading this week photos, there’ll be 3 photos from the first week which has been idled on the folder because of my laziness.

5/366. The crowd at Journey: New Age exhibition, DKV ITS’s year of 2010 & 2011. January 13, 2012.

6/366. Before the crowd. I really fond of the display. Salute, hats up for friends of mine who had had big ideas & efforts to make the silent-Tambak-Bayan to a youthful living display. New age!

7/366. One of my favorite book all the time, James Patterson’s Sam’s Letter to Jennifer. I bought it in 2007. I’ve been six times reading it, and every time I read it, I feels like the first time. Lovely.

8/366. Kiddos in deep sleep. Don’t ever try to disturb him. Meow.

9/366. My rings always tell a story. And it was about a castle full of flowers. God, I need to buy a book it ought be titled, How to Take Photo Inside Your Car; for Dummies.

Oh God, ok I confess, I’m an obviously amateur & look how terrible those photos above. I don’t take photos e-very-da-ay. I brought my camera anywhere, just so you know. Instead of making many clicks, I was too enjoyed having conversation with people around me. So, I’m lack of eggs. I need to incubate my skill & sensitivity to see the absurd thingy around. :))

So, I owe you two photos from this week. It doesn’t matter if you just pass this post, I’m just having fun on my own way :p

the light that never goes out.

I got some troubles in the previous days, biggest of whole life. But it didn’t matter anymore. I’ve done, we’ve done. All mess has been dramatically put back in their place. The pieces that were apart have been collected again. Things back to normal. All….iz well. Thanks God, I love you. All the rough has its part of being life lessons. It enlightened me/us to be always near You.

And we.. have found the lights that guided back to home.

P.S. (still) 1st week of 366 days photography journey of mine. 3/366.

Setting: Visual Communication Design ITS 2010-2011 (an institute where I study) exhibition. Journey: New Age at Tambak Bayan, Surabaya. January 13-15, 2012.


Sunny sunshine sprang out, deeper splattered through the lattices of the windows. Sparkling.

Un-chillin’ cold wind flew inside the television room by the balcony and the door. Soothing.

Fresh water, blue, and cold dancing, make a wave inside tub. Living.

The scent of the trees, grasses, soils after the rain poured. Heaven.

I wouldn’t like to be anywhere but here where everything has been perfectly placed by warm people in it, call them family.

And it extraordinarily ran to a conclusion, loading…

It is dream-of-dreamed home.


P.S. First week of 366 Days Daily Photograph plan of mine. I’m so excited. I will post every week —it may be on 1st day of the week or maybe on weekend. We are so curious about something up to be captured, aren’t we?